The Law Office of Lance D. Taylor -- Elder Law

Image of an older gentleman holding a baby so that their foreheads touch.

Elder Law

Elder Law focuses on representing Seniors, persons with disabilities, and their families achieve the highest quality of life.  Basically, it involves trying to solve a whole host of issues that can confront our rapidly aging population.  Several of those areas will be discussed on other pages.  

Those issues include, but are not limited to:

  1. estate planning, which is planning in advance for the distribution of a person's assets when they pass away through the creation of wills and possibly trusts, or crafting powers of attorney, that is identifying people to act on the person's behalf in making medical or property decisions; 
  2. disability planning, which is planning for an individual who wants to use the assets they may acquire, while maintaining their eligibility for government benefits, and guardianships for those who are disabled and unable to manage their affairs;
  3. probate and administration of a deceased person's estate if an estate must be opened; 
  4. disputes involving who is entitled to a person's assets, who should be appointed as guardian, or the interpretation of language in a person's will and/or trust;
  5. elder abuse, physical and/or financial;
  6. nursing home and assisted living facilities; and
  7. ownership and/or transfer of real estate.